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Today's Aerospace Industry is one of the fastest growing industries and its impact on the developed economies has been most vividly demonstrated by the unprecedented concentration of capital, intellectual and production potential in the sphere. Since 1903, the successful conversion of the aerospace industry was boosted by few main factors such as - Raw Material, Manufacturing & Technology, Engineering Technology and Resources.

The growing worldwide demand for commercial Air transportation – which is detailed in Airbus’ Latest 20-year Global Market Forecast – will continue to drive the airline industry toward more efficient and operationally-effective  aircraft, with large Wide-bodies representing the majority in terms of sales value. 

With the addition of another growth year, 2031, The Airbus Global Market Forecast again shows An increase in aircraft demand to 28,200 new  build passenger and freighter aircraft, Underlining the long term growth prospects for the industry.

The Airline Industry has witnessed growth which is multiple folds as orders for new Aircrafts piles up with Manufacturers with delivery dates for next three to four years! It is very essential to achieve a greater ecosystem of engineering expertise and for the Manufacturer to collaborate with a capable and a reliable engineering partner, to support the growing needs of this industry.



In the Civilian Aircraft industry, high Demand is set in this 'Global Warming' world towards an overall Efficient Aircraft and focus on – A Greener Aircraft to minimize the environmental impacts, Passenger Focus for Comfort and Safety, Economical Aircraft to provide maximum return on investment, which is - Quieter aircrafts, Speed, Braking, Runway usage, Light Weight Aircrafts, and Low Maintenance, plus Long Haul Engines

Aerospace Engineering provides competitive edge for Innovation and as a consequence, results to the changing dynamics of this Industry. The engineering services industry contributes immensely on growth of this industry on - Geometric Design and Design of Aircraft Systems from the perspective of Performance, 3D Modelling and Drafting, Structural and Aerodynamic Analysis, Analysis of individual Parts, Stability and Manoeuvrability, Airframe Design and Optimization, Rapid Prototyping, Interiors and Exteriors, Electrical, Navigation and Fuel Systems.


XPT's Aerospace Engineering practice offers end-to-end engineering solutions towards design and development of sub-systems and components in the domains of aircraft structures, equipment, mechanical systems and embedded systems. We offer quick turnaround  and flexible business models to ensure value for our customers.


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